It is not only about size, but also about feeling good about your body. A woman should feel beautiful regardless of the breast size she chooses. We can help you achieve this goal and create the perfect and harmonious shaped body you are looking for



Breasts that are too small, asymmetries or the desire for a larger bust can be reasons why women decide to have breast augmentation. Through the use of safe and certified breast implants, nowadays every woman can adapt her appearance to individual wishes. In addition to the right implants, the surgeon's experience and technique are the most important factors.

In the following we want to give you a basic overview of breast augmentation and the surgery that goes with it, so that you can then decide whether the procedure is something for you.


Basically, there are different types of implants and incision techniques that are selected individually. Of course, scars should be placed as inconspicuously as possible, which usually works well with an experienced surgeon.

Incision in the inframammary fold

This method is often used and is usually the gentlest on the breast.... The implant is inserted through the incision in the inframammary fold either above or below the pectoral muscle.

Incision in the armpit

With this technique, an approx. 4 cm long incision is placed in the armpit so that it cannot be seen from the front.

Incision at the edge of the areola

It can also be placed here both in front of and behind the pectoral muscle.


Implants vary in size, shape, surface texture, construction and filling material. However, the outer shell is always made of silicone, which is considered the most durable and best material for breast implants today. As a rule, the silicone cushions used can be kept indefinitely; 15 to 17 years are given as the minimum shelf life.

Due to their rough surface, they also anchor well in the tissue structure of the breast and are very comfortable to wear. Although an implant does not have to be replaced after a certain period of time, the ageing process described above can of course occur.

It is therefore advisable to have the implants put to the test after 10 to 15 years by means of an ultrasound or MRI examination. If irregularities are then found in the breast augmentation or in the implants inserted, a new silicone cushion can be inserted by the doctor if necessary.

As medical devices, all implants used are of course subject to strict quality requirements. While in the past silicone implants had the reputation of causing autoimmune diseases and breast cancer, this has now been disproved by large-scale scientific studies, so that from this point of view there need not be any concerns about an operation. Breast augmentation today is much safer and longer lasting than it was 15 or 20 years ago.

Nevertheless, you should bear in mind that a breast lift or breast augmentation is a considerable strain on the body and therefore there is always a certain residual risk, which can only be minimised, but not completely ruled out, even by a specialist and sublime surgeon. With clean and proper application of all surgical techniques as well as a lot of experience, the risk is minimised as described, but comprehensive information and explanatory talks before the procedure are a basic requirement in any case.

You should also make the decision in close consultation with your partner, if possible, so that you can be as happy as possible with your breast later on.


Of course, breast augmentation, like many other plastic surgery procedures, is a major intervention that also has a great impact on the woman's perception of herself and others. Before the operation, we therefore clarify the patient's wishes and goals in comprehensive information sessions and give concrete tips and recommendations as to whether and to what extent the breast enlargement should be carried out.

Even though many women wish to have large breasts, a large implant is not always sensible and aesthetic. Often, certain physical prerequisites and conditions are also a limiting factor.

The successful aesthetic overall picture should always be in the foreground, which is why we clarify all options and procedures together with the patient before every operation and decide together whether and to what extent the operation seems sensible, so that the goal of a beautiful body can be achieved.

Please feel free to contact us at any time to find out all the details about our treatment and surgical methods. Make an individual appointment with us at the Rosengasse Clinic and let Prof. Dr. Hofmann advise you comprehensively on the subject of breast augmentation, as well as all the associated costs of breast augmentation, requirements and risks.

We go through the planned procedure with you step by step, discuss your wishes and goals in detail, answer all open questions and put together an individual plan with all the necessary information for the coming weeks before and after the treatment.

Patients from all over Germany trust in our surgical techniques in the field of plastic and aesthetic surgery - come and get an idea of our experienced team at the Rosengasse Clinic as well.


If you are reluctant to have an operation or are afraid of the high cost of breast augmentation, there are a few other ways to lift or enlarge your breasts.

Please also read our articles on the topics of breast lift, breast enlargement with autologous fat and breast enlargement without surgery. The opposite of breast augmentation, namely breast reduction, may also be appropriate if you consider your breasts to be too large rather than too small.

In our magazine, we have compiled the most important information on these topics for you.


  • Hospital stay: approx. 1-2 days
  • Treatment | OP duration: 1 hour
  • Type of anaesthesia: General anaesthesia
  • Fit for society: after a few days


During the first week, you should move the upper arms very carefully and avoid rapid stretching and stretching (caution: risk of post-operative bleeding!). It is also important that you do not sleep on your stomach under any circumstances, but in the supine or even slight side position, so as not to disturb the internal wound healing. When you are discharged from hospital, you will receive a prescription for painkillers and antibiotics, which you should take according to the instructions.

In case of intolerance (skin rash, diarrhoea) please call us immediately. Medications (bromelain, vitamin C, arnica, zinc) are prescribed on a second prescription to support the optimal healing process. You should refrain from smoking for the first 4 weeks to avoid wound healing problems.

You, and of course your partner, should be extremely careful with your breasts for the next 4 weeks and avoid any overuse. This also applies to sports activities, sauna, solarium, strong sun exposure and household chores, such as ironing and window cleaning. You should wear the sports bra day and night for the first 4 weeks.

After the first dressing change about one week after the operation, you may usually shower again. If there is a sudden increase in swelling, redness, pain or wetness of the wound, you should contact us urgently.

As a long-standing member and former president of the German Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery of Germany, I recommend the treatment guide of the DGÄPC on the topics of Breast augmentation as well as Breast augmentation with autologous fat as a PDF.

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The effects of too large breasts on body and soul can be immense. Although pronounced breasts are considered a sign of beauty and femininity, the same applies here as always: Too much can make you sick.

Women with large breasts often suffer from considerable physical impairments.

Depending on the actual size of the breasts and the size of the woman, a bust size that is too large can lead to neck tension due to the high weight. Spinal and postural problems, headaches and tension in the neck muscles are also health consequences that can occur due to very large breasts.

Chronic back pain and even slipped discs also fall into the category of discomforts that too large breasts can cause and which can be reduced by a breast reduction or breast lift.

Although there are some alternative treatments to relieve this pain and discomfort, such as swimming or gymnastics exercises.

Often, however, only an operation helps to achieve the desired breast reduction. If the breast reduction makes sense from a health point of view, the health insurance usually also contributes to the costs of the operation - a good way to keep the financial burden of the breast reduction costs low.

Sagging or drooping breasts after pregnancy or severe weight loss can also become either a health or aesthetic problem and make you want to have a breast reduction.


Many women also suffer emotionally from too large breasts. In addition to the health problems described above, breasts that deviate from the typical ideal of beauty can also reduce self-confidence and have a significant impact on the quality of life. Modelling a symmetrical breast, taking into account the overall body proportions, can therefore often make a considerable contribution to a more pleasant life for the woman concerned.


At the Rosengasse Clinic we operate according to the special procedure developed by Prof. Hofmann . The advantage of this procedure is that the surgical trauma is relatively low with this method and it leaves significantly fewer scars. The incisions are made around the nipple and perpendicular to the breast fold.

The special surgical technique is based on the findings of skin shrinkage and the associated self-tightening of the breast.

The resulting scars are barely visible after a few months and can be completely hidden even with a small bra.

The nipple is not completely detached during repositioning, but merely moved. It remains connected to the blood vessels and nerves so that the sensation is preserved.

The ability to breastfeed is not affected either, as the milk ducts do not have to be destroyed unnecessarily.

Moreover, the wounds are largely closed with sutures that dissolve by themselves. Annoying stitching is thus a thing of the past.


We will be happy to answer all your questions about breast reduction and breast lift. With Prof. Hofmann and his team, you will always have competent and helpful contacts at the Rosengasse Clinic for the operation and all related topics. Get in touch with us and let us advise you individually.

If you would also like to find out about other topics, such as liposuction or breast augmentation, you will find all the information you need to make an informed decision in our magazine section.


  • Clinic stay: approx. 2-3 days
  • Treatment | OP duration: 2 hours
  • Type of anaesthesia: General anaesthesia
  • Fit for socialising: after 2 weeks

As a long-standing member and former president of the German Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery of Germany, I recommend the treatment guide of the DGÄPC on the topics of Breast reduction as well as Breast lift as a PDF.

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The causes of maldevelopment of the female breast are either a genetic disorder of the breast structure or external damage to the breast structure before breast development begins.


Among the most common anomalies are the so-called asymmetries. In this case, one breast is too small or too large. Certainly, almost no woman has absolutely symmetrical breasts. But these asymmetries are hardly visible in many cases.

In the case of larger asymmetries, from which those affected often suffer extremely, a surgical intervention is often advisable. Depending on the individual condition, a symmetrical overall appearance is possible through a breast augmentation or reduction on one or both sides.


We would also be happy to explain treatment options for other types of anomalies in a personal consultation.

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A mastectomy after breast cancer is a painful loss for many women. However, with the help of aesthetic plastic surgery, a very good reconstruction of the breast is possible today.

Many patients regain a great deal of quality of life and self-confidence. Depending on the individual condition, there are two different treatment methods for reconstruction.


If there is enough skin mantle, the breast is rebuilt with an implant. If there is not enough skin mantle available, this must first be created by stretching. The expander, which is surgically inserted under the skin and filled with saline solution at intervals, is suitable for this.

Once the final volume is reached, the expander is replaced with an implant. There are also expanders that can then remain in the body.


With this method, the patient's own tissue is removed from different places. In the upper back area, for example, part of the back muscle can be removed to form the new breast.

A graft can also be taken from the lower abdomen, which is then connected microsurgically to corresponding vessels in the breast area.

Various transplants or tattoos are suitable for nipple and areola reconstruction.

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