A beautiful flat stomach is the dream we all have. In our clinic, this dream can come true without having to suffer or be spoiled by the things we like most



A healthy, low-calorie diet and sufficient exercise are the best ways to effectively reduce excess weight. If you want to lose weight and get closer to your ideal of beauty, you should first change your diet and start exercising. A healthy lifestyle and attentiveness towards the body is still the best strategy to get rid of excess weight.

However, you are often powerless against many fat deposits in problem areas, such as the cheeks, upper arms, stomach, buttocks or thighs, even with a consistent healthy lifestyle.


The Rosengasse Clinic performs liposuction using a special procedure developed by Prof. Hofmann. A water-salt-based solution is injected into the areas to be treated.
This reduces the density of the tissue and the fat cells swell. The softened fat cells are then destroyed and sucked out under vacuum.

The damage to the connective tissue is significantly reduced with this method, so there is hardly any swelling or bruising.
The healing process is also accelerated and the procedure has a positive effect on already existing cellulite.

Of course, as always in surgery, there are limits and restrictions to liposuction: Only a certain amount of fat can be suctioned out of the body, which depends entirely on the patient's body shape and individual body condition.

The costs for the treatment are usually not reimbursed by the health insurance, as liposuction is a purely aesthetic treatment.

It should also be noted that liposuction, like any other operation, can involve risks. Although liposuction is a routine procedure, there may be after-effects such as bruising, pain or swelling.

We have compiled further information on this topic for you in the following section. Of course, we offer comprehensive aftercare and are always available to answer any questions you may have about plastic surgery or liposuction.

We are also happy to provide you with comprehensive information on other topics and methods, such as breast augmentation. Simply contact us for further information about the Rosengasse Clinic and our services.


  • Hospital stay: possibly 1 day
  • Treatment | OP duration: depending on the suction area
  • Type of anaesthesia: local anaesthesia, general anaesthesia
  • Fit for society: after a few days


Immediately after the operation, the skin in the treated areas is taped with a special plaster that is gentle on the skin. Be prepared to wear girdles, support stockings or bandages for the first 4-6 weeks after the operation, day and night.

This is the only way to avoid unwanted scars in the resulting cavities caused by blood, dissolved fat or tissue fluid, which can significantly affect the result. The stitches at the puncture sites dissolve by themselves.

As a rule, the first check-up is scheduled after 1 week. The tape bandage is removed at this time at the latest, but can also be removed earlier after 3-5 days. Depending on your disposition, you may be unable to work for a short period of time, especially in the case of larger procedures. Normally, however, you will hardly feel affected by the liposuction in terms of your well-being and mobility.

However, depending on the type and extent of liposuction, you should refrain from sports, sauna, solarium or strong sun exposure for the first weeks after the operation. Massages and other excessive stress should also not be performed after liposuction.

With cold showers you can stimulate the blood circulation well and support the healing process. When you are discharged from hospital, you will receive a prescription for painkillers and antibiotics, which you should be sure to take according to the instructions.

In case of intolerance (skin rash, diarrhoea) please call us immediately. Medications (bromelain, vitamin C, arnica, zinc) are prescribed on a second prescription to support the optimal healing process after liposuction.

You should refrain from smoking for the first 4 weeks to avoid wound healing problems. In case of sudden increase in swelling, redness, pain or weeping of the wound or bleeding after liposuction, you should contact us urgently.

As a long-standing member and former president of the German Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery of Germany, I recommend the treatment guide of the DGÄPC on the subject to you Liposuction as a PDF.

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If the abdomen has lost its shape after pregnancies or diets, an abdominoplasty can permanently correct these unsightly changes.

Liposuction can be used as a complementary procedure if necessary. To tighten the abdominal wall, the incision is made parallel to the pubic hairline. Towards the sides it rises slightly in an arc up to the hip bones. In this way, scars are as little visible as possible later on.

The abdominal skin is loosened and tightened over the muscles, if necessary up to the costal arch, the excess skin is removed and, if the abdominal wall is weak, the muscle layer is also sutured. The remaining navel is refitted.

The removal of a so-called fat apron is performed without correction of the belly button and has a smaller tightening effect.


Clinic stay: 4 - 6 days

Treatment | OP duration: approx. 1.5 hours

Type of anaesthesia: General anaesthesia

Fit for socialising: after approx. 14 days

Important to know: After the operation you must stay in bed for 24 hours. An abdominal bandage must be worn for at least 4 weeks, after which a compression girdle should be worn for a further 2 months. Major exertion or heavy lifting should be avoided during this time.

As a long-standing member and former president of the German Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery of Germany, I recommend the treatment guide of the DGÄPC on the subject to you Abdominoplasty as PDF

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